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I have two types of subscription boxes. Willow boxes are ALL Willow books and goodies. Big book lover boxes include must-have merchandise and books. Some are romance novels that are signed and some are other genres (not romance) that Willow chooses based on her favorite reads -- so it's all "Willow recommends.” See more here!

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I love attending book signings and this is where you can track my events! Traveling is wonderful, being surrounded by book lovers, though... there's nothing better!

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I'm a reader first, author second and I've always got something to say about my books and the book lover community.

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Willow Hits USA Today

A Single Touch hit the USA Today best seller list yesterday and I couldn’t be proud or more grateful! Thank you to everyone who has shown so much love to this series! it means the world to me! Xoxo

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Had a Little Photo Shoot…

I can’t be the only one who dreams about books. I actually have one set up for a book I’ll never write because if I start thinking about…

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The Dutch Cover of Forget

I’m so in love with the Dutch cover of Forget Me Not. There is so much in that story that is perfect for this cover. Shattered glass and a broken heart – yup! Perfect!

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It’s My Release Day

It’s my release day and I couldn’t be happier! The trilogy is finally complete ❤️ who’s binge reading?? Dive in today – you are going to LOVE IT!

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