Merciless World

While each individual series can be read on its own, below is the suggest reading order for the whole world.Each series is broken down to show the individual titles, a list of the complete collections can be found further down this page.

Each series description also contains the Discreet Titles.


Possessive is the story of Daniel & Addison. A Kiss To Tell is the story of Sebastian & Chloe.

Merciless Series

Ruthless, crime family leader Carter Cross should’ve known Aria would ruin him the moment he saw her. Given to Carter to start a war; he was too eager to accept. But what he didn’t know was what Aria would do to him. He didn’t know that she would change everything.

This series is Carter & Aria 1-4 in the Discreet Series 

Irresistible Attraction Trilogy

Bethany is looking for answers and to find them she needs one of the brothers of an infamous crime family, Jase Cross.

Even a sizzling love affair won’t stop her from getting what she needs.

This series is Jase & Bethany 1-3 in the Discreet Series

Hard to Love series

Eight years ago she ran from him. Laura should have known he’d come for her. Men like Seth King always get what they want. Laura knows what Seth wants from her, and she knows it comes with a steep price.

This series is Seth & Laura 1-4 in the Discreet Series

This Love Hurts Trilogy

An epic tale of both betrayal and all-consuming love… Marcus, the villain. Cody Walsh, the FBI agent who knows too much. And Delilah, the lawyer caught in between.

This series is Deliah 1-3 in the Discreet Series

Shame on You Series

Tease me once… I’ll kiss you twice. Declan Cross‘ story from the Merciless World.

This series is Delcan & Braelynn 1-3 in the Discreet Series

Secrets & Submission Trilogy

With everything I’ve been through, and the unfortunate way we met, the last thing I thought I’d be focused on is the fact that I love the way you kiss me.

This series is Zander & Ella 1-3 in the Discreet Series


Merciless Series = All He’ll Ever Be (Carter & Aria) | Irresistible Attraction Trilogy (Jase & Bethany) | Hard to Love Series = Not My Heart to Break (Seth & Laura) | This Love Hurts Trilogy = What I Would do for You (Delilah) | Secrets & Submission Trilogy (Zander & Ella) | Only for Him = Shame on You Trilogy (Declan & Braelynn)

beg for me

Beg For Me Volume 1 contains: A Kiss To Tell, Possessive, Merciless, Heartless, Breathless & Endless

Beg For Me Volume 2 contains: A Single Glance, A Single Kiss, A Single Touch, Hard to Love, Desperate to Touch

Beg For Me Volume 3 contains: Tempted to Kiss, Easy to Fall, This Love Hurts, But I Need You, And I Love You The Most, Effortless & Never to End